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Company Vision

Since 2015, this division has handled business solutions development  based on Microsoft platform and IT training for our customers. Perceiving current economic trends, CWS (Asia) Limited introduce Microsoft Dynamics products to enterprises in Hong Kong as well as China affiliated companies overseas. CWS (Asia) Limited retains the numbers of Certified Specialists for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Hong Kong and also uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV, CRM and SharePoint internally in actual business practice. In 2019, CWS (Asia) Limited has equipped with a team of professional consultants to provide SAP solutions and professional implementation services. We are specialized to implement SAP applications as the core ERP system platform with the extension to other operational- and managerial- critical areas like Warehouse Management System, Human Resource System, Business Intelligence as well as Document Management System. Competency and expertise, knowledge of the latest technologies, as well as excellent solutions in all sectors of process management are what makes CWS unique and reliable.

Our Mission

Enhancing our structure for innovation and cost reduction and establishing
our position as the leader in the domestic software industry. CWS (Asia) Limited uses the blessings of nature for its offerings, and therefore, we earn the trust of our customers and partners—and only through with that trust can we serve our social role. The current instability and unpredictability in the global environment make it the perfect time for us to focus on engaging in sustainable management with a medium- to long-term perspective and building value through powerful partnerships with all parties in order to develop the CWS into an asset that is also valued by society in the future.

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